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The works of coordinate-boring machines «Stan-Samara» is located in the City of Samara, Privolzhsky Federal District of the Russian Federation, was founded in 1991 and specializes in manufacture of high-precision equipment.

The manufacturing area is 8300 square meters, the manpower is about 100 men.

Our engineers and craftsmen are highly qualified machine tool builders combining many years of experience with professional skills. 

Reliability, durability and warranted quality of manufacturing, pursuance of dialogue allow us to cooperate effectively with Russian and foreign enterprises of various industries for many years, and having a well-equipped manufacturing  base can meet the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Documentation for all products manufactured by «Stan-Samara» has been developed by its own design-engineering department. 


We manufacture nowadays:

- Vertical coordinate boring and jig grinding machines with the working surface table size 400 mm х 800 mm.

- Manufacture range of high-precision rotary indexing tables with the faceplate diameter from 260 mm up to 1000 mm  with manual control and control from a NC unit as well as special indexing tables and rotary devices.

- A wide standard range of drive and electrical spindles for the newly designed equipment to be operated.



7a, Partsjezda st., 

443022, Samara, Russia


+7 (846) 992-69-84,
+7 (846) 955-30-83