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Rotary indexing tables

Highly accurate rotary tables are designed for boring, drilling, finishing milling, marking and control operations. In combination with the corresponding sighting and indicating equipment, they can be used in monitoring dimensions specified in the polar coordinates to measure the accumulated division error of highly accurate divider plates, dial scales, gear wheels, etc.



Digitally displayed tables


Precision cross-functional rotatory dividing tables mod. СУ30-11, СУ40-11, СУ50-11, turned around rotatory dividing table mod. СК63-11 are used when working on coordinate-boring and coordinate-grinding machines for machining parts from four or five sides at one setting.

Simple horizontal rotatory dividing tables mod.СП80-11 and СП100-11 - for processing parts in the polar coordinates.



CNC-operated tables


The turned around and cross-functional highly-accurate rotatory dividing tables mod. СК36-12 and СУ26-12, respectively, are designed to complete the newly manufactured precision CNC-operated machines, as well as to upgrade existing CNC-operated machines.

By special order it is possible to manufacture CNC-operated rotary tables mod. СК63, СП80 and СП100.  Also on the basis of mass-produced models we develop and manufacture highly-accurate rotary devices according to the customer’s specifications.


СУ 30-11СУ 30-11

Ø faceplate 300 mm



СУ 40-11СУ 40-11

Ø faceplate 400 mm



СУ 50-11СУ 50-11

Ø faceplate 500 mm



СУ 26-12СУ 26-12

Ø faceplate 260 mm



СК 63-11(12)СК 63-11(12)

Ø faceplate 630 mm



СП 80-11(12)СП 80-11(12)

Ø faceplate 800 mm



СП 100-11(12)СП 100-11(12)

Ø faceplate 1000 mm



СК 36-12СК 36-12

Ø faceplate 360 mm




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